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History of CHADAHS

CHADAHS was established after World War II, with the ”aim to assist all members and encourage the cultivation of vegetables, fruit and flowers in all possible ways”.  Before the war the Society was known as the Hornsey Brotherhood of Gardeners.  CHADAHS is primarily the Society for allotment holders at the Alexandra Palace and Shepherds Hill sites. Founding the Society enabled the allotment holders to buy horticultural goods on site, close to trade prices.  So the original purpose for CHADAHS was to trade; not quite the ethos of allotment gardening  - it is second-nature for allotment holders to share seeds, plants and produce - but certain items can only be bought and the Trading Sheds were valuable additions to the sites. Both Trading Sheds are welcoming places since recent decoration and reorganisation

CHADAHS manages the Trading Sheds on both sites and runs the Annual Show and, most years, organises an outing to a garden close to London.  

The Society’s Annual Show captured the ethos of celebrating each growing season and this still continues.  The first Annual Show was held in 1949; initially it was a show for chrysanthemums and dahlias, with just a few vegetables, over the years that has changed and now vegetables predominate.  Each year those who run the show appraise the event to keep it fresh and vibrant.  Through gradual evolution over more than half a century it remains popular for both entrants and visitors and continues to attract volunteers to run it.  The 64th Annual Show of the Society was held in September 2013.

The Society aims to break even each year but modestly reinvests some income.